Outdoor ToysAs soon as kids learn to walk, their world begins to expand with every step they take.

With the Thomas & Friends Foot to Floor ride-on, from Dynacraft, toddlers as adventurous and brave as Thomas the Tank Engine can start exploring the big wide world with their own two feet.

A delight for Thomas & Friends fans, the train features blue, red, yellow, and grey graphics, just like the No. 1 Train on TV. At the front of the ride-on, Thomas’ bright and smiling face will greet kids every time they play.

Thomas’ front wheels rotate 360 degrees, allowing kids to make sudden but swift turns while racing along in their new ride. Plus, the plastic indicator, speedometer, and rear-view mirror let kids engage in some realistic role-play. Thomas even features a push handle for adults to steer kids home when tiny toes get tired, and the plastic frame is super lightweight for easy carrying to the park.

When I saw this car for the first time, I wanted to swing open its cute little doors, and sit on its tiny contoured seat. But, for that I would have to either shrink in size or get into a time machine. But, kids who are lucky enough to still be 18 months to 3 years old will be able to slide inside this adorable, cozy ride-on, and put their little feet to work.

This foot-to-floor ride also features a fun horn, which not only emits whistles and other train sounds, but also features the voice of Thomas himself. Thomas will announce that he’s “coming through,”or say his name, much to kids’ delight.

Kids can do a lot with Thomas & Friends Foot-to-Floor once they get outdoors, from racing friends to cruising around like mini train conductors, all while enjoying more of their brave BFF Thomas. There’s even a Hello Kitty version for fans of the iconic cat.