Kids can learn how to create music and count all while playing fun games with the Think & Learn Rocktopus from Fisher-Price. This creative toy for kids ages 3 to 6 will help develop musical skills and more.

Rocktopus has three play modes: math, music, and game. Math mode encourages kids to count rhythms and create patterns while throwing some addition and subtraction into the mix.

In music mode, kids will learn how different instruments sound and a few fun facts along the way. Kids will discover the magic of music while they mix and match their favorite sounds and compose their own tracks. There are 15 different instruments to choose from, including violin, trumpet, maracas, congas, and piano, however only four can be used at one time.

Once kids create their own beats, they can speed up or slow down the tempo, repeat it, or record it and play it back as many times as they want. Rocktopus also plays five different styles of music, jazz funk, rock, classical, pop, and world.

Game mode challenges kids’ attention to detail and listening skills. The fast-paced game asks kids to swap out instruments and coordinating colors while quizzing them on their knowledge of musical instruments.

Kids can even download the Roctopus app with their parents’ permission to create their own music videos. Roctopus will keep kids entertained and their minds bursting with creativity as they learn the ropes to become future rock stars.