At first glance, the Twist N Shoot, from Maisto, may seem like any ordinary R/C. However, with the press of a button, the car morphs into a robot. As it changes, the front of the vehicle twists as it rises, giving off a very cool transformation effect. The 14-inch Twist N Shoot is also ready for battle and can shoot up to six soft darts from the side-mounted cannon in either car mode or the robot mode.

8+This is a really cool R/C because it allows kids ages 8 and up to drive in either the robot mode or the car mode via the radio control transmitter. The morph button and the trigger to shoot the darts are also all located on the transmitter, so the entire toy can be controlled from one place.

New for this year, the Twist N Shoot is the latest addition to Maisto’s Street Troopers line. The futuristic styling and smooth transformation effects allows kids to have their very own high-tech morphing car. This R/C let’s kids get two R/C toys for one, since it can be driven and discharge ammo in both modes.

The transmitter is a tri-channel transmitter, allowing three people to play at the same time if they have their own Maisto R/C vehicles. The Twist N Shoot comes with nine darts.