SNOW QUEEN_2DIn an animated and wicked adventure, it’s up to one brave young girl, Gerda, to defeat the evil Snow Queen and set her imprisoned brother Kai free. The Snow Queen, from Vertical Entertainment, is now available on DVD, and is sure to warm the hearts of everyone in the family. Based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, the heroine comes to life as she battles dangerous obstacles in her journey across the frozen land and saves the world from eternal frost. Snow Queen features a soundtrack from the Emmy-nominated composer Mark Willot. This DVD is intended for kids of all ages, and I have to agree since I’m 25 and enjoyed watching the film myself! Gerda takes matters into her own hands, and I appreciate that she redefines the agenda of the typical princess and saves the day! The characters are endearing and adorable, and the accompanying soundtrack is catchy and entertaining for the whole family.