The Shakespeare Game | Source: Laurence King Publishing

One way to make learning more fun for kids is to turn it into a game. The Shakespeare Game from Laurence King Publishing will make the great English playwright more relatable than what kids are reading in school.

Families can learn more about Shakespeare as they play this new board game, recommended for kids ages 8 and up. In the game, 2-5 players will journey from Stratford to London in the footsteps of the great bard, collecting characters and racing around London’s theaters to put on as many plays as they can before other playwrights steal your ideas, burn down their theaters, or spread the plague. 

The Shakespeare Game | Source: Laurence King Publishing

While playing, kids and adults can learn more details about Elizabethan England and absorb references to Shakespeare’s plays. The person whose plays make the most money at the box office, and the person who is the fastest in the race to fame and glory is the winner.

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The game is part of Laurence King’s Shakespeare collection illustrated by Adam Simpson, including The World of Shakespeare: 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle and Shakespeare Playing Cards. It is available now on Amazon for $35.