okeedokeeThe Okee Dokee Brothers will release their second Adventure album, Through the Woods, on May 20. This CD/DVD combo features Americana singers: Hubby Jenkins, Cathy Fink, David Holt, Marc Marxer, and Rosie Newton. The lyrics encourage kids to step outside and appreciate the beauty of nature and the feeling you get when you’re swallowed up by outdoor surroundings. The Okee Dokee Brothers sing lyrics that teach kids to appreciate the natural world, their communities, and themselves. Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander make up the group; their first Adventure album, Can You Canoe?, features songs and videos inspired by their month-long journey down the Mississippi River. The lifelong friends enjoy outdoor adventures, and they love sharing their experiences with kids, through music! Through the Woods was recorded in the hay-bale recording studio, No Parking Studio, with producer, Dean Jones. The album honors old-time music traditions of the Appalachian Mountains with a contemporary take in 15 original, traditional songs. The 40-minute supplementary DVD is a documentary that narrates the travels of The Okee Dokee Brothers, including educational segments, camping moments, music videos, nature scenes, and interviews with local mountain musicians.

Fans may pre-order the album on iTunes on April 22!