RaiseHandLogoMom-and-pop band, The Not-Its! is giving kids and families something to rock about with the release of their fifth album, Raise Your Hand produced by Little Loopy Records. The band’s music falls into a unique “kindie (kid+indie) rock” genre that introduces kids to a ’90s power-punk sound, while concurrently bringing parents decades back in time.

Members Sarah Shannon (former singer of Velocity Girl), Danny Adamson (rhythm guitar), Tom Baisden (lead guitar), Jennie Helman (bass player), and Michael Welke (former drummer of Harvey Danger) give Raise Your Hand its smooth four-part pop harmonies and lyrics crafted of pure awesomeness that all kids can relate to. As parents themselves, each track is based on everyday kid stuff inspired by their own experiences as Moms and Dads and also happens to burst with punky riffs and humor.

Raise Your Hand is geared towards, but definitely not limited to, kids ages 4 to 11 who will definitely appreciate the albums’ quirk and fundamental value. The album starts off with “Funniest Cat Video,” a track about a reluctant kitty-hero who may not be into chasing lasers or playing piano, but she’s soft, cuddly, warm, and fuzzy—just not funny. At all. Which doesn’t make for funny cat videos.

RYH_CoverOther songs on the album, including “Nose in a Book” and “Bees Knees,” aim to remind kids of the importance of education, reading, and taking care of the environment. Kids should be encouraged to learn something new every day and to be mindful of everything around them—even things as little as bees!

“Love is Love,” a track which pays tribute to families of all types, shapes, and sizes is based on an encouraging letter that President Obama wrote to a young girl who was teased at school for having two dads. The song is sweet and powerful with lyrics that say, “Love is patient and always kind/even if your family doesn’t look like mine.”

Raise Your Hand is available now and you can click this link for a free listen of “Funniest Cat Video!”