Source: Winning Moves Games/the Toy Insider

Mermaids are the most magical creatures in the sea, and they are about to join your next family game night. 

The Mermaid’s Jewels: String Together a Treasure From the Sea is a new game from Winning Moves Games that is full of magical mermaid fun, with a hint of strategy on the side. 

In the game, players will fill the included treasure chest with pink, blue, yellow and white beads — AKA “pearls.” While some pearls will sit perched at the top of the chest, others will randomly roll down into four different rows. Then, players can roll the die to see which color pearl they can pluck out of a row, and here’s where the strategy comes into play. When a pearl is removed, others will naturally drop down, and if two or more pearls of the same color in the row are now touching, players get to take those pearls as well as the one they plucked. 

Players get to add all of the pearls they collect on each turn to a necklace string, and the first player to complete their necklace wins the game. For an added challenge, players can add in the dark green “seaweed” beads, which they must avoid at all costs to win the game! 

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The Mermaid’s Jewels: String Together a Treasure From the Sea is a great family game for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. There’s no reading involved, which is perfect for younger kids, and makes the game easy to learn. Kids will learn all about turn-taking, strategic thinking, and even develop fine motor skills as they string their beads on their necklaces. Plus, players can wear their necklaces as they make them, which offers super fun imaginative, role-play opportunities as the game goes on. 

There is a lot of fun to be had and tons of play benefits in-store with this cute, colorful game. Afterall, who doesn’t look good in pearls?