The best thing about cotton candy is how pretty it is. The airy swirls, wisps of sugar, and pastel colors make it even more fun to eat.

This is why Crayola-branded cotton candy makes perfect sense. The License Factory is partnering with the toy manufacturer to create Crayola-themed snacks, including cotton candy and kettle corn. The snacks are crafted in classic Crayola colors and all products are gluten-free and vegan.

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The confetti popcorn blend features a mix of colors, including “screamin’ green,” “sky blue,” “goldenrod,” and “razzmatazz.” The cotton candy comes in “bluetiful raspberry” and “tickle me pink vanilla” flavors in 3-ounce bags or plastic tubs that families can recycle to store craft supplies.

The snacks will be available by the end of the year and we can’t wait to try them!