Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Mower BFK72While kids are growing up, especially the smallest of youngsters, it’s only natural that they get attached to their toys. It’s not always easy telling kids that it’s time to move on from their precious play items, or hiding it until they forget that it exists. With the Smart Stages line, from Fisher-Price, learning content changes as a baby develops into a toddler, so your kids won’t have to say goodbye so soon to their favorite toys.

One of my favorite products in the line is the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Mower, a completely interactive mower that inspires early role play (sorry, parents, it won’t work on real life grass). Each stage has its own age appropriate songs, phrases, and sounds, allowing kids to develop with the toy instead of getting too old for it or losing its play value.

Made for kids ages 1 to 3, the mower features a number slider switch, a pull lever, a turn gas cap, and an adorable light up face. The face of the mower lights up to the music and phrases. When kids push the mower around, different sounds and phrases are activated to match which Smart Stage your kid is on. Best of all, this mower also doubles as an interactive walker that can teach babies how to walk.

With this mower, the first of the three stages allows babies to explore. As they turn the gas cap, pull the lever, or slide the number switch, the mower will respond with simple words like, “up,” “down,” and “turn.” It fosters encouragement in the second stage, once kids are about 18 months old, that introduces numbers, opposites, and other actions. It will ask the baby questions such as, “Can you count to ten?” When kids are about 2 years old, they can advance to the pretend stage. Kids can full the tank, pull the starter, and push the mower around, which activates additional songs and phrases.

With more than 30 sing-along songs, tunes, and phrases, kids won’t get bored with this mower. They can grow up with their favorite toy, and parents can adjust the settings to their unique levels of development. Parents can get more for less with all toys in the Smart Stages line.