dino 1

Kids have a soft spot for one of the fiercest groups of creatures that ever walked the planet—dinosaurs. Whether it’s their gigantic size, their ear-splitting roars, or even cooler skeletons, dino love is here to stay. And that’s why the The Good Dinosaur Galloping Butch from Tomy is an ideal toy for kids ages 3 and up.

Just like its name suggests, this big, brawny T-rex is based on the Disney•Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, where Butch plays mentor to the young Apatosaurus named Arlo. And just like in the movie, the toy delivers captivating sound, action, and drama. Just press the big button on the back of his tail and watch Butch gallop along.

dino 2When kids push his arms down, his jaws snap wide open, revealing a set of ferocious teeth. As those jaws open and close, Butch keeps the entertainment alive with eight different phrases from The Good Dinosaur, along with some epic roars.

This 7- by 12-inch creature operates on AAA batteries that come pre-installed. Just remember to hold Butch by the tail, because he’s meant to flap his arms and kick his legs with fury—not take a gentle walk. But, the toy is sturdy and resilient, so even if it slips your grip, it won’t break.

In addition to Butch, Tomy has a raft of other dinosaur figures from the Disney•Pixar film, including Spot, Thunderclap, Ramsey, Will, Nash, Vivian, Forrest Woodbrush, Mary Alice, and Bisodon. Once these prehistoric pets are in your house, they’ll keep little ones entertained with plenty roars!