The ghouls of Monster High have become something like an epidemic. What started out as a fashion doll line for girls ages 6 and up has transcended to book deals, DVDs, and Nickelodeon TV specials. Mattel’s newest doll line, Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! features the newest “monstars,” including fangtastic makeup artist Viperine Gorgon, actress and star of the silver scream Elissabat, cinematographer extraordin-scare Honey Swamp, and the talented screamwriter Clawdia Wolf. Now that the ghoul’s have made their way to Hauntlywood’s Black Carpet, they’re ready to make movies and new friends.

Mattel.MonsterHighPlaySetEach doll has her own freaky-fabulous style and comes with a signature-style brush, a doll stand, an accessory, and a diary for girls to write in. Each doll’s box also features a bio on the ghoul inside, so girls can get a true sense of each doll’s unique personality. Plus, girls can log on to to learn more about each doll, create and customize their own student profiles, play games, and more. While the dolls are all poseable, they can’t stand alone.

Whether kids choose to collect all of the Hauntlywood dolls or combine and play together with friends, it’s easy to participate in imaginative play or recreate scenes from the Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! DVD. And, there are even more ways to play with the Monster High: Frights Camera Action! Premiere Party Playset and Dressing Room Playset expansion packs.

I love these dolls because they’re very different from most dolls—I mean, look at them—they’re monsters! From their intricately detailed faces, makeup, and skin colors, to their totally crazy (and beautiful) hairstyles, they do look a little frightening, but at the same time they’re beautiful. Each has a fierce fashion sense to match her fearless personality which make imaginative play so much fun. Whether a girl chooses a doll because its outfit is her favorite color or because the doll’s hobbies reflect her own, there are so many reasons to get attached to this spooky-cool doll line.