Who could forget Phillipe’s brave deeds of warning Belle that her father had been taken captive? And, truthfully, isn’t Maximus one of your favorite characters from Tangled, with his sassy attitude, but loving heart. The horses of the Disney Princesses have always been a proud, strong bunch—and I’d go as far as to say, a bunch who haven’t received, or asked for, enough credit. Now, with the Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable, from Fisher-Price, everyone’s favorite horses come to life! The Disney Princesses and their horses can “klip klop” down the levels of the tower to their next destination. The magical three-tiered tower includes a vanity, a library, and a kitchen. The princesses and their horses can also visit the Royal Stable for a view from the balcony to overlook the grounds, or slide down to get to the ground level to hear music. When the princesses make their grand entrance, they are greeted by magical tunes. The princesses can then take a turn on the dance floor. The set includes Rapunzel riding Maximus, Aurora riding Samson, and a food piece. Of course, the best thing about this toy is that it brings kids’ favorite Disney Princesses and their furry friends to life in a magical way. The “klip klop” sound effect only adds to the fantasy world of this stable. The toy itself develops fine motor skills with the spinning thumbwheel that activates music and makes the horses “dance;” sparks curiosity and discovery by teaching cause and effect by opening the stall door, tapping the horse’s tail, and watching him or her “klip klop;” and inspires imagination and creativity with different role play locations and the chance for kids to create their own stories. To add even more adventure, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine, each paired with an equestrian pal, can be purchased separately until the whole set is collected.