The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is back with The Dirty Socks Come Clean, an album full of silly songs written about silly subjects. The band is known for its albums Dirty Sock Funtime Band and Sock-A-Delic, as well as the Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD. Bringing back the zany humor they are known for, with songs like “National Hiccup Day,” “Robots from the 4th Dimension,” and “Mystical Science Librarian,” The Dirty Socks Come Clean is original and fun! The band also celebrates far-out ideas with songs like “Cheese World,” which is about a travel spot made entirely of cheese, and “Kitty Kat Yeah,” a song about a hopeful dog with one chance to make it to a Hollywood audition to guarantee his stardom. The album is set to release on October 29.