The Countdown Game | Source: Duck Duck Cat

Enjoy new takes on classic games with The Countdown Game, a set of 10 active games in a handheld system.

After Duck Duck Cat’s Kickstarter campaign raised more than 160% of the initial goal, the brand is now officially launching The Countdown Game, recommended for kids ages 5 and up. The device features multiple ways to play, including Co-op and Hot Potato mode. In Co-op mode, families can work together as a team in a race to beat mini-games in order to stop the countdown. In Hot Potato mode, players race against each other as they pass the device to the next player once they finish a game, hoping they won’t be the one holding the device when the timer goes off.

Some of the mini-games include Whack-a-Mole, Simon Says, Safe Cracker, Odd-Man-Out, Cut The Wire, andan updated version of Hide and Seek, in which kids must hide the device itself and find it before the countdown ends. Each mini-game is randomized on each player’s turn and the games feature different difficulty levels for a broader range of play.

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The device also has a built-in update system that gives players new features, play modes, and games over time. Families who purchase the game at launch can download two additional, free games: Red Light/Green Light and Animal Sounds. The Countdown Game is now available for $39.95 exclusively on and Amazon.