FPC_Prd_record_smallEveryone loves a good ol’ throwback. Products that inspire creativity and imaginative play are sweeping the toy aisles this holiday, giving an alternative to the very popular tech trend. A lot of these toys are classics, giving toy shelves a retro, nostalgic feel, such as the reintroduction of Fisher-Price Classics by The Bridge Direct.

The Bridge Direct took fun favorites from years ago and re-released them for a new generation. These Fisher-Price toys encourage interactive play and are designed to appeal to the natural interests of kids at each stage of development—just as the original toys did. All of your favorites are there—the Two Tune TV, the Movie Viewer, the Pull-a-Tune Xylophone, the School Days Play Desk (!!), the See ‘N Say Farmer Says, and the Record Player, along with many others. The line features pull toys, musical toys, educational toys all designed with bright colors and fun play value.

FPC_Prd_tv_smallAdditionally, parents know these toys, so they are not only familiar with the developmental benefits of the Fisher-Price classics, but they will also be able to share their nostalgia and make new memories with their own kids.

Imaginative play is so important for kids during these early stages of growth, and these Fisher-Price Classics help them explore their creativity and engage in role-play and pretend play. They allow kids to practice their fine motor skills while

The Bridge Direct updates other classics as well, such as the View-Master and Lite-Brite. While those toys have been revamped quite a bit for kids today, the Fisher-Price Classics line has the same look and feel of the old classics, with the play patterns that have already proved to be tried-and-true.