book of cultures

Meet some new friends from all over the world!

Subscription service Worldwide Buddies is known for expanding visibility in kids’ books, toys, and activities. Its latest picture book for young readers, The Book of Cultures, embraces diversity by sharing different cultures.

“Through this book, we want readers to make buddies from around the world, explore the wonders of our planet, open their minds and warm their hearts … all through their bedtime stories!” said CEO and author Evi Triantafyllides in a statement. “In this way, children will be more open to greet, meet, listen to, and learn from someone slightly different from them — someone with a different point of view.”

book of cultures

Each cute-as-a-button story follows a different character (or “buddy”) from a different country and explores unique cultural elements through engaging illustrations and heartwarming plots. Through 30 fictional short stories, kids see a variety of perspectives portrayed in literature. Stories also include a two-page snapshot with fun facts and engaging activities, including puzzles, songs, and recipes.

The book launches on Kickstarter today and is available to preorder for $25.