Kids are dealing with a new way of life as families continue their COVID-19 quarantines. One of the biggest challenges of social distancing is the loss of birthday parties, which can be devastating for young kids who look forward to their annual celebrations.

Hellosaurus — a new, interactive video startup for kids ages 3-8 — is helping families come together for free virtual parties with The Birthday Show, hosted by kids’ musician and TV host Tim Kubart. The show features interactive moments for kids to play along with classic party activities, including piñatas, treasure hunts, blowing out candles, “eating” cake, and unwrapping a present — all done on a touchscreen phone, tablet, or computer.

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Each episode includes a “Who’s That?” segment with a performance or how-to from a musician, breakdancer, puppeteer, inventor, or comedian guest star, as well as shoutouts to real kids who are celebrating their birthdays. Kids can participate by creating a video present that showcases their creative skills — such as choreography, poetry, or crafting — which might end up in the show’s “Present-ation” segment. Parents can also request a shoutout and help their kids share a present here.

The Birthday Show streams everyday live at noon EDT and is free to play on tablets, computers, and phones. Check it out at and

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