Kids that love construction might just be able to dig you that in-ground pool you’ve always dreamed of with the Big Dig from Breyer.

While we’re not completely sure of the labor laws applied to pool-creating, kids can definitely put their construction skills to the test with the toy. The Big Dig offers the perfect backyard fun all summer long.

Budding builders ages 3 and up control the toy from the tiny seat — which has a not-so-tiny weight limit of 110 lbs. The seat and crane arm move around in a 360-design that enables kids to dig and dump all the dirt they can imagine. The arm of the digger reaches out almost 3 feet and can dig about 15 inches deep. For easier digging, woodchips, sand, and loose dirt work great. It can even work on snow in the wintertime.

It features a wide base to keep it sturdy enough to handle the toughest assignments. If parents know that kids will only dig in one area, they can even bury the base a bit underground. Need a hole for it? No problem!

It’s amazing what some kids know about construction — I once learned what a skid-steer loader is from a 3-year-old boy. This is the perfect gift for kids like him, who somehow know all the different types of construction equipment by heart. They can learn even more when they practice building their own creations!

In addition to having fun, kids will work on their motor skills and dexterity, while testing their imaginations at the same time. To encourage kids to practice their decision-making skills, ask them to build something cool with their dirt — maybe even that pool.