Springtime is here and it’s time to pack up the family for a road trip. Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht stopped by WGN in Chicago to talk about the best toys and games to keep kids happy and calm in the back seat. For more on the items featured in this segment, check out the product notes below.


  • Create D.I.Y. stress toys with the SQUOOSH-O’S kit! Available in neon, scented, galaxy, or jelly themed stress balls.
  • Combine simple materials to create your own stress balls that are fun to squish and squeeze.
  • Experiment with fake snow and add vibrant neon paints, scented essential oils, crystals and silver glitter, or clear expanding water crystals (depending on the kit) for a colorful sensory experience!
  • Creating SQUOOSH-O’S is a fun, hands-on activity to relieve stress, express creativity, and strengthen motor skills.
  • Ages: 6+
  • MSRP: $5
  • Available: Amazon, Walmart


  • Even unicorns need checkups, and with the new Barbie Dreamtopia Kiss and Care Unicorn Doctor Set, kids can pretend to care for their favorite enchanted creature! This dream-tastic set comes with a soft plush unicorn featuring a magical light-up horn, as well as everything kids need to take care of their sweet fairy-tale friend.
  • The set includes a stethoscope to check the unicorn’s heartbeat and a yummy ice cream snack to reward her for being such a good patient.
  • The adorable rainbow backpack is perfect for taking all of the caring tools on the go!
  • Full set includes: a soft unicorn plush, rainbow backpack, stethoscope, bottle, syringe, horn cast and one yummy treat.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP $27.99
  • Available: Amazon, Toys “R” Us


  • Kids can have hours of creative, on-the-go playtime with the Folkmanis Woodland Animal Set. Perfectly portable, find four finger puppets of black bear, gray squirrel, beaver, and red fox along with species information in the colorful canvas carrying case.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP $21.99
  • Available: Amazon, specialty retailers


  • Based on Season 2 of the Cartoon Network animated series, the action figure assortment grows to include figures inspired by the new Omni-Enhancedtheme.
  • Ranging in height up to 5-inches tall, each figure is highly detailed and articulated, and also comes equipped with themed accessories for added play!
  • Spring assortment includes:  Omni-Enhanced Heatblast, Omni-Enhanced Four Arms, Omni-Enhanced  Cannonbolt, Omni-Enhanced  Diamondhead, Omni-Enhanced  Overflow, Omni-Enhanced  XLR8, as well as Ben’s main nemesis, Vilgax.
  • All of the figures from Fall 2017 will also carry forward.
  • Ages: 4+
  • MSRP: $8.99
  • Available: Amazon, Kmart, Toys “R” Us


  • Kids can transform Ben’s aliens in a whole new way and launch them into battle! Use the Omnitrix launcher to load the figure disc and then launch it.
  • The disc transforms into a figure in mid-air, ready for battle! Fold em’, load em’, launch em’, land em’! Perfect your skills and make them land on their feet and get into the fight. Which alien will you choose?
  • Omni-Launch Omnitrix is fully adjustable to fit a range of wrist sizes.
  • Each pack comes with one unique Omnitrix Launcher, three Battle Figures, and a table top target.
  • Ages: 4+
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Available: Amazon, Target


  • Churn out oodles and oodles of BUBBLES with just the wave of your hand with Glove-A-Bubbles! Get ready to wave and play!
  • Kids simply remove the bubble pouch from the glove and pour one of the two bubble solutions into the pouch.  Dip the glove into the bubble pouch. Wave your glove back and forth and watch tons of delightful bubbles form instantly, right before your eyes. Never ending bubbles for never ending fun!
  • Glove-A-Bubbles come with one glove and two packs of bubble solution.  The pouch is also re-sealable and refillable.
  • Glove-A-Bubbles come in eight different animal-themed gloves, including lion, alligator, hippopotamus, elephant, dinosaur, panda, bunny and monkey.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $2.99
  • Available: Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, Sam’s Club


  • Pikmi Pops PushMi Ups are big push up pop vessels filled with cute mini-plushies inspired by icy cool patterns and scents!
  • Each PushMi Up includes one scented plush, one surprise message, one dangler string and one collector’s guide.
  • Ages: 5+
  • MSRP: $4.99
  • Available: April 15 at major retailers


  • A toy from the past transformed for the future! Now kids can freestyle draw and stamp in color for the first time with the Etch A Sketch Freestyle.
  • Designed with a handy stylus that’s easy to grip and move, let your imagination guide you with double-sided stampers to add hearts, circles, stars, and clouds to doodles.
  • Since little hands can only hold so much, the iconic red frame of the original has been transformed into a vertical design, so kids can hold and doodle on the go!
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Availability: Target, Amazon, Walmart, Kmart


  • The block-stacking game of Jenga is moving off the table! In the Jenga Pass Challenge game, players stack the hardwood Jengablocks on the included platform to build their tower.
  • Tension builds as players carefully push, pull and stack the hardwood blocks while holding onto one of the platform handles.
  • After each player takes a turn, they must pass the platform to their opponent. The last player to successfully stack a block and pass the platform without causing the tower to crash wins!
  • Two or more players.
  • Ages: 8+
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Available: Most major retailers nationwide and HasbroToyShop.com