Tired of hearing “are we there yet?” on your summer road trips? Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht stopped by WGN in Chicago to show off the best summertime toys  to keep kids entertained on long car rides. For more on the products featured in this segment, check out the product notes below, and be sure to view our complete Spring and Summer Gift Guide.

Color Wonder on the Go Mess Free coloring books (Crayola)

  • Take your mess-free coloring with you with Color Wonder Color on the Go books. Books include 15 coloring pages and three Color Wonder markers in a durable case that keeps you organized and ready to go. Color Wonder markers won’t color on skin, furniture or fabric and only color on the special Color Wonder paper.
  • Available in fun themes like Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Disney Princess, and Shimmer and Shine.
  • The four included idea mats and double-sided Shimmer & Shine character cards create the ultimate play experience.
  • Ages 3+.
  • MSRP $4.99.
  • Available Amazon, Walmart, Target

Morph (The Orb Factory)

  • Morph is the shape-shifting fluff that does all the stuff. It bounces, it floats, it shapes, and it even copies.
  • Get your hands on the coolest compound of 2017 to experience just how light and fluffy it is!
  • Once you pick it up, it’s almost impossible to put down.
  • Collect all 6 colours
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Available: Walmart

Thumb Chucks (Zing Toys)

  • CONTROL THE ROLL! Thumb Chucks from Zing are the newest and coolest skill toy for the ultimate finger rollin’ fun!
  • Twirl, flip and twist Thumb Chucks around your fingers to perform awesome tricks.
  • Two high-bounce plastic ‘Chucks’ are connected with a ‘belt’ and fit right in your pocket.
  • Kids can master a wide range of tricks from intermediate to advanced. Thanks to the built-in motion-sensitive LED lights, the Chucks glow in the dark for the ultimate light show.
  • The new free Thumb Chucks app, available on iOS and Android in January 2017, includes over 20+ tutorials that teach users a variety of mind-blowing tricks.
  • The app also includes an easy-to-use recording feature with built-in special effects to enhance and personalize Thumb Chucks videos.
  • The more kids master, the more belts they can collect. Learn how to earn special belts by going to ThumbChucks.Toys.
  • Thumb Chucks are available in red, orange, green and blue.
  • Ages: 5+
  • MSRP: $7.99
  • Available: Toys “R” Us, Amazon, Target

Mattel Electronic Handhelds (Super Impulse)

  • Mattel Electronic Handheld is the original video game. Before game consoles, mobile gaming and online games, these handhelds started it all.
  • The Mattel Electronic Handhelds are pocket sized versions of the original Electronic Football, Electronic Baseball and Electronic Basketball. And they actually work!
  • It includes a keychain so it can go everywhere!
  • MSRP: $11.99
  • Age: 8+
  • Available: Walmart, Barnes & Noble

World’s Coolest Polaroid (Super Impulse)

  • The miniature Polaroid camera is the ‘insta-photo’ before the ‘gram.’
  • This cool keychain, that is a replica of the original Polaroid, has sound, simulated film, and a clickable red shutter button. It’s artsy chic and retro! Get it before it’s cool again.
  • MSRP: $5.99
  • Ages: 8+
  • Available: Walmart, Barnes & Noble

Fashion Plates Travel (Kahootz)

  • Create fabulous designs on the go with the Fashion Plates® Travel design set! This portable Fashion Plates® set is the perfect take-along size and features mix and match travel-themed Fashion Plates®, crayons, paper, and a built-in storage compartment. However you get there, now you can be creative anywhere!
  • Kits include 12 double-sided fashion plates, 10 sheets of paper, 4 coloring crayons, 1 rubbing crayon, 1 crayon holder, 1 drawing tablet with built-in storage tray, an idea guide.
  • Age: 6+
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Amazon, Walmart, Target

Roblox Figures (Jazwares)

  • Roblox is the largest social platform for play that allows kids to imagine, create, and play together in immersive 3D worlds. Over 22 million user-generated online games have been produced on the Roblox platform with over 48 million players visiting Roblox every month to create adventures, play games, roleplay, and learn with friends in a family-friendly environment. Roblox is accessible on all modern smartphones, tablets, desktops, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and other popular VR platforms.
  • Figures are available in mystery packs, single packs, two-figure game packs, and six-figure Champions of Roblox pack.
  • Age: 6+
  • MSRP: $3.99-$19.99
  • Available: Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us

Minecraft Figures (Jazwares)

  • Launched in 2009, Minecraft is a sandbox videogame where users can build and go on adventures in a 3D block world. The game received immediate praise and fans as it quickly became a must-have for adults and kids alike. To date, Minecraft has now sold over 106 million copies. Jazwares has been responsible for bringing a highly successful line of toy figurines and plush characters based of the Minecraft game to retail.
  • Minecraft figures are available in new 3-inch Action Figures that come in six different versions: Charged Creeper Pack, Zombie Pigman Pack, Alex with Diamond Armor Pack, Snow Golem Pack, Steve with Minecart Pack and the rare Witch Pack.
  • An Alex with Skeleton Horse Pack and an Alex Survival Pack, each with the Alex character and accessories.
  • There are two larger Animal Packs that come with six figures each: Wild Animal Pack or Tame Animal Pack.
  • And the Dungeon Pack that includes: Zombie Spawner, Skeleton Spawner, Spider Spawner, Golden Apple, Chest, Iron Ingot, Collect all Series 3 Minecraft action figures!
  • Age: 6+
  • MSRP: $9.99-$24.99
  • Available: Amazon, Walmart, Toys “R” Us

Animal Jam (Jazwares)

  • Animal Jam, in association with National Geographic, with 70 million registered users worldwide online and on the APP! Animal Jam Play Wild! Is the #1 most downloaded, grossing and educational iPad APP. Each toy comes with an exclusive online game code, the more you adopt the more you unlock with the Animal Jam collectible toys!
  • Adopt-A-Pet Series 2 Igloo blind packs: packed with 106 winter wonderland collectible pets, including extra chillingly cool ultra rare pets! Series 2 Igloos are sold as blind singles and in 5 packs.
  • Animal Jam Mini Pet Huts: Build up your Pet world and host parties with your Mini Pet Huts. Each Hut features a swiveling door that opens to expand the play and places to store your pet accessories! Availble in Pet Wash Hut and Cotton Candy Hut
  • Animal Jam Dress-up Closet Carry Case: It holds tons of Jam-tastic pets, animals and accessories, and has a built in platform & mirror to dress up and show off new styles: while on display or just for play.
  • Age: 5+
  • MSRP: $9.99-$17.99
  • Available: Amazon, Target, Toys “R” Us, Walmart
  • (Next 2 single talking point again, movie out mid April)

Fast & Furious Basic Stunt Stars Assortment (Mattel)

  • Now you can be the driver as you and a character from the Fast & Furious films play out epic action scenes!
  • Fast & Furious Basic Stunt Stars include a 1:32 scale vehicle and action figure based on characters from the Fast & Furious films.
  • Two-inch figures fully articulate, can be launched from their vehicles, and have “magnetic” ability to hang on the hoods and trunks of the cars.
  • Ages: 5+
  • MSRP: $9.99
  • Available: Toys “R” Us, Target

POOF Ninja Flyer (Alex Brands)

  • Strike like a ninja with foam throwing stars!
  • Flyers spin, flip and dive while they whistle through the air!
  • Choose from 2 tone colors: red/blue, green/blue, blue/green or black/grey.
  • MSRP: $4.50
  • Age: 5+
  • Availability: Amazon