Sphero 2.0, by Orbotix Inc., combines smart gaming with smartphones to bring racecar features to this highly evolved ball. With its robotic core and new engine, Sphero 2.0 is now faster, brighter, and smarter than ever, traveling at speeds of up to 7 feet per second (which is twice as fast as the original Sphero). Nighttime gameplay is also encouraged as the new multicolored LED lights glow in millions of colors that are up to three times brighter than the previous version.
With a Bluetooth connection and an app that instantly transforms an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android phone into a controller, kids are in for a driving experience different than anything before. Sphero 2.0 also comes with two ramps for easy launching. With Nubby, a protective, grip cover, Sphero 2.0 can take to new heights outdoors for the ultimate off-road experience.
Not only is Sphero great for precision driving, but there are more than 25 free apps available to download that engage Sphero in handheld and multi-player play. Kids can hold Sphero in their hand for 3-D control over on-screen games or try new tabletop games and multiplayer apps that allow for endless ways to play with friends and family.

The fully waterproof and shock-resistant Sphero 2.0 comes with a charger (three-hour charge equals one hour of play), two ramps, and an easy-to-follow set of instructions that will get kids driving in no time.