TelestrationsThere was something amusing about the game of Telephone, where a group comes up with one simple phrase that turned into a completely different, nightmarish result. It was miscommunication at its best. USAopoly has revolutionized this concept and turned it into a hilarious game, Telestrations. It is an award-winning party game where players draw what they see and then try to guess what they saw (which usually ends up being a more jumbled version than classic Telephone).

Inside the box, you’ll find eight erasable color-coiled sketch books, eight dry erase markers, eight clean up cloths, 142 “This Side/That Side” cards, a 60-second sand timer, a die, and instructions to play. The game is made for four to eight players, but is ideal for groups of six to eight people. Once you play, you’ll believe me when I say that the more the merrier, which makes for the perfect party game for all ages. The more time a sketchbook gets passed around, the more guesses and drawings your word will get.

My version of square dancing!
My version of square dancing!

Players roll the die to decide which numbered word or phrase on the card each player will draw. Then, each player draws his or her initial word under the sand timer time limit. The sketchbooks are then passed around and the person who receives it needs to guess what the drawing is. Then, the sketchbooks get passed around again and that person needs to draw the guess. This keeps going until you receive your sketchbook back, which should always end with a guess. And if you ever forget the rules, there are reminders in the sketchbook. The instructions also offer a guide to score competitively or friendly.

Either result, whether you win or the word becomes completely messed up (for us, day dreaming ended up being dreamer of sleep), is equally as satisfying. Half of the fun is coming up with a way to draw these words and the other half is seeing if the others are stumped or are able to replicate the word too. This game can be used with or without the cards, timer, and die, so this also makes for a great travel game.

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