TMNT Interactive Talking Turtles, LeoWhile the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all share certain traits—specifically, they’re all mutated turtles skilled in ninjitsu—for their fans, they also consist of four very different characters, each with his own distinct personality. The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Interactive Talking Turtles line, from Playmates Toys, highlights this aspect quite well. These action figures, which are based on the most recent Nickelodeon animated TV show, feature different weapon accessories and colored bandannas; however, the little nuances between sculpts also extend to such details as height, posture, and even hand size. Donatello, for example, actually appears to be a taller action figure than his brother ninja, Leonardo, who in turn, has what looks like a very alert stance at all times. Given that each Interactive Talking Turtle is 11 inches tall, these differences between them especially stand out.

The individuality of the characters extends beyond physical traits to their voices and things they say, as each figure talks with the push of a button. When talking, each Ninja Turtle’s particular personality—Michelangelo’s laid-backness, Raphael’s sarcasm—definitely shines through. But what’s especially innovative about these Interactive Talking Turtles is that if more than one are together, they can actually respond to each other, in effect enacting conversations.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Interactive Talking Turtles line is intended for kids as young as age 4, which seems appropriate, given both the amusing talking feature, and that each figure has enough points of articulation to make them fun to pose and re-pose. However, speaking as an older TMNT fan, I’ll admit that the toys’ ability to interact with each other was enough to keep me occupied for a surprisingly long while. I guess it’s proof that tech power can be every bit as potent as Turtle Power.

Check out our video, which shows off some of the cool things these figures can say: