Hibernation isn’t meant for every bear. Teddy Ruxpin is back, and everyone is freaking out!

It was the product reveal heard all around the Javits Center during Toy Fair back in February: Teddy Ruxpin has returned, and he’s better than ever. From the bottom of my heart—and probably many more—thank you, Wicked Cool Toys, for resurfacing childhood memories across America.

Teddy Ruxpin is one of the many toys fueling our “When I Was a Kid” trend this year, and I honestly can’t get enough. But, he’s not the same exact iconic 1980s storytelling Teddy that parents remember! This iteration of the lovable bear is revamped for a new generation of kids.

While Teddy’s technical features are upgraded, parents will recognize all of the similar features they fondly remember. He wears an orange T-shirt, blue shorts, and a buttoned-down vest adorned with a cute little patch of his likeness. Teddy has a mop of hair on the top of his head, and I lovingly styled it into a fauxhawk to make him #trendy. Teddy’s bottom right paw features Ken Forsse autograph, an adorable homage to the original creator. Since this upgraded Teddy requires some pretty serious tech, this body is hard, but that doesn’t take away from his cuddliness. Teddy is covered with soft fur that kids can snuggle up with during bedtime.

One feature really stands out: Teddy’s animated LCD eyes. Looks familiar? Teddy Ruxpin’s eyes have the same tech as the Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real doll, also from Wicked Cool, last holiday season. These expressive eyes have more than 40 animations that are synched to the stories as he reads them to kids, making Teddy more interactive than ever before!

Say goodbye to cassette tapes: This Teddy Ruxpin connects to an app and tells stories through his motorized, electronic mouth. Kids can follow along on their smart devices and read along to the stories Teddy is telling. The pages are synced as he reads the stories, and the pages will flip themselves as he reads.

Touch sensors in his hands and vest let kids start, pause, and fast-forward through stories and songs. Teddy will include three built-in stories, including seven sing-along songs. The best part is that Teddy works without Wi-Fi, and kids can access additional books from the free app. More stories will be available next year and beyond.

Teddy Ruxpin will without a doubt will express his love of reading and storytelling with a whole new generation of kids. He’s the perfect companion for both little ones who love hearing stories, as well as older kids just starting out on their reading journeys. There’s something unexplainably special about sharing cherished memories with your kids—this is what the heart of the toy industry is, after all!