Meet a Little Robot That Keeps Preschoolers Learning & Moving

If this is what the robot uprising is supposed to look like, it’s much cuter than expected.

Fisher-Price’s Teach ‘n Tag Movi is the perfect robotic teacher and friend that will keep kids entertained for hours on end. The little robot rolls, talks, makes animal noises, and has a few other fun tricks for kids to discover.

Movi is an adorable companion that comes pre-programmed with six games for preschoolers to enjoy. The games are separated into three categories—Alpha Fun Actions, Think and Move Shapes, and Learn and Play Games—and kids can access each by pushing the specific button on Movi’s belly.

With Movi, kids can play tag while they are quizzed on different animal sounds, dance along to the step-by-step dance party game, and try to win a game of Movi Says. Movi plays along and engages with kids by displaying an assortment of more than 60 different facial expressions. Correct answers to the quizzes might be answered with a wink and a smile as Movi rolls around the room.

The little robot can go just about anywhere, and it even dances along with the kids. It’s a learning toy with a silly side that teaches kids all about following directions, critical thinking, and motion.

Movi is durable, and the worst problem adults might run into is Movi running into their walls. It’s easy to get it back on track, though, and once it’s placed back in a wide enough area the fun can continue. Kids should try to play with Movi in an area with about 5 feet of open space to ensure it doesn’t run into anything.

Once the fun starts rolling with Movi, it doesn’t stop. It’s an educational toy that helps gets kids learning and moving at the same time, and kids will have just as much fun chasing it around the house in a game of Silly Sounds Tag as they will when they follow it in paths that make different shapes.



Manufacturer: Fisher-Price
MSRP: $49.99

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