With PlayStation Vita Pets launching on June 3, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide has launched a mobile app, PS Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour for fans to play before the full-version game comes out. Available on Android and iOS, this app allows users to maintain and run their very own puppy parlour.

pup parlour2When kids first start the app, they’re greeted by an adorable little pup that introduces them to games and activities around the parlour. While it’s fun to open up the closet and dress your furry friend up in sweatshirts, sunglasses, and bows, it’s also important to take your dog for a walk and play the various games in order to earn points for a variety of upgrades. With upgrades, players can unlock items in their closet to turn their pup into a rockstar featuring a spiked green mohawk, a frilly pink princess, and much more.

Treat your pup to a tasty biscuit in the game Snack Balance, where players tilt their devices to balance the tasty treat on the pup’s nose. In Bubble Pop, players must swipe left and right on the screen to pop the bubbles with the pup’s nose while avoiding the red bubbles. Players can take a break from games to let their pup outside to go to the bathroom, give their dog a much-needed bath, and put food and water in his bowl.

pup parlourThe best part about this app is that there are so many ways to pamper and play with the pup that kids will feel like he’s their real pet! Players can even take their pup for a walk as they walk—with every step the user takes, the movement of the phone causes the pup take one too. The app is rated E for Everyone and it’s definitely an app that any pet-lover will have a blast with.