Tamagotchi Pix | Source: Bandai America/the Toy Insider

Tamgotchi has always been a futuristic toy. In the ‘90s, flannel-clad kids would raise the digital creature and the technology would amaze them. Today’s kids, however, need something more to be impressed.

That’s where Tamagotochi Pix from Bandai America comes in. It has the undeniable charm of the classic toy, but also makes it modern for the new kids on the playground. Kids today aren’t in it for the nostalgia — although parents certainly are — they’re in it for the tech. With all the gadgets and gizmos of the modern era, Tamagotchi Pix stands out as something totally unique.

First, of all, yes, it’s still a Tamagotchi. Kids raise their virtual pets into adults just like you may have done 25 years ago. How they raise their pets will affect gameplay in a whole new way. Kids dive into the Tamagotchi universe like never before with a built-in camera and a built-in social feed.

Like all parents nowadays, kids can either cook for their Tamagotchi or have food delivered. With the built-in camera, they can cook, customize items, discover more than 100 virtual pals, and more. Most importantly, they can also take pictures (or pix, as the kids call them) with their character!

It’s easy to connect the virtual pets to friends IRL. Kids just need their BFF’s Tama code and they can play together, exchange gifts, and plan play dates at a later time. There are 17 games for kids to play with their virtual pets to keep them happy. Keeping it the same as always, how happy the pet is and how well it was cared for will affect what it becomes. Kids will discover their Tamagotchi’s profession when they bring it back to Tamagotchi Planet.

Tamagotchi has always been a futuristic toy, and no matter what form it takes, its heart will always be timeless.