The Tamagotchi family is growing with a brand new version of the Tamagotchi On virtual pet from Bandai America.

Available in new lavender and turquoise colors, the Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden features exciting updates, including a new home screen, a new room for your Tamagotchi to visit, and games in your own town. In the Library game, kids can keep track of the number of books lent out, or they can try their hand at the Dressmaker game, in which they push the button to give the dressmaker energy to create a beautiful dress.

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There is also a new land called Wonder Garden, which takes the place of Magic Land/Fairy Land. Players who visit will find new accessories, items, meals, snacks, and two exclusive characters: Yumemi-Alice and Kirarihatter.

You can preorder the Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden starting today at Target, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, or Entertainment Earth. It will hit shelves nationwide on July 26.