Tall Tales Game

Once upon a time, there was a game that could tap in to kids’ natural ability to make believe by turning them into storytellers and encouraging them to be as creative and crazy as possible!

Tall Tales, the fun new storytelling game from SCS Direct, is a great way for young storytellers to let out all those little white lies. This non-competitive game is perfect for kids to play individually, as a pair, or in a group. Thanks to the handy storage bag, Tall Tales can be played anywhere: At home or on the go, inside or out. All players need are the story cards, game pieces, and a touch of imagination.

Inside the blue velvet bag are 50 adorable rubber 3-D game pieces in the shape of different objects and beings, including a skateboard, a puppy, and a pair of melting ice cubes. In addition to the game pieces, Tall Tales includes 24 beautifully illustrated cardboard story cards that depict a variety of colorful scenes, including a classroom, the bottom of the ocean, a science lab, the White House front lawn, and outer space.

The game may be simple, but the possibilities are endless. To start weaving tales, one player reaches into the bag and pulls out eight story pieces, one by one. After the pieces have been drawn, the player can begin to create his or her tall tale by drawing on inspiration from one story piece at a time. Once the tale is finished, all of the pieces go back in the bag and the next player can try his or her hand at creating a tale!

Although designed for kids ages 4 and up, Tall Tales is a game that can be played—and enjoyed—by all ages. Younger siblings, older siblings, parents, and grandparents alike can get in touch with their inner storyteller and have everybody laughing as their stories grow more and more wildly silly. If anyone feels the need to mix things up a little, the game’s directions also provide storytellers with four different variations on how to play for four times the storytelling fun.

So go ahead and let your creative side fly! With so many stories to tell, a dull moment is definitely not in the cards.