talkingtomAs a ’90s kid, I grew up in the age of Tamagotchi and other digital pets. My friends and I would spend all of our free time taking care of those little digital creatures (more time probably than we spent walking our real dogs that we promised our moms we would take care of if we could please, please, please just have one). With increasing technology, and more and more kids learning how to swipe and use smartphones and other devices, the My Talking Tom app, from OutFit7 Ltd., brings digital pets to a whole new level.

My Talking Tom features the famous cat from the Talking Friends line—a familiar face for kids to play with. In the app, kids are responsible for taking care of Tom, from feeding him and making sure he goes to the bathroom, to sending him to bed when he’s tired and making sure he’s entertained throughout the day. Kids can play video games with Tom to make sure he’s a happy kitty. These games are fun little mini-games that also keep kids entertained, including Whack-A-MouseHappy Face, and Cats & Cans. All of these games have many levels so kids can play for a little while, and they are challenging (even, admittedly, for me). However, they’re quick, so you can bounce from game to game, or to another place in the app, relatively quickly without being afraid of losing any game “progress.”

As you take care of Tom and advance through the levels, you earn coins that can buy fun things, such as wardrobe pieces, bedroom furniture and decorations, and food. These feature is super cute because you can customize your pet and really make him your own. Tom also grows from a cute kitten to a tall Tomcat. The app is available across multiple platforms, including as a free download for Lumia smartphones on the Windows Phone Store.