2012-12-10 087When Despicable Me first came out in theaters, I will admit I was a skeptical moviegoer, but by the end of the movie, I was in love with those adorable, mischevious minions. So when the second film came out, I had high expectations, and with more costumes, personality, and antics than ever, the minions did not disappoint. Thinkway Toys has done a really cool job of creating toys that match the high energy and lovability of the minions from the movie with their new Talking Minions Dave, Stuart, and Tim, and Dancing Dave.

Simply press the pocket on the Talking Dave, Stuart, or Tim to hear them speak funny expressions and giggle, then press the pocket again or move his head for another response or expression. These silly minions are full of madness and good times. In Banana Mode, you can press the back of Dave’s tongue and he will think you are feeding him. After he eats, if you press his pocket or move his head, he makes a farting sound (Those goofy minions!). If you feed him more than once, kids can hear super fart sounds. The minions are perfect for kids because they are so lively that they become more than just a new toy—they become a new friend!

2012-12-10 013Dancing Dave busts a move as he wiggles and sings songs. This talking 8-inch action figure is also sound activated, which means he can respond to kids’ voices. Just like the character from the movie, Dancing Dave is adorable and funny, and has poseable arms and three ways to play. He is goofy, silly, and full of good clean family fun.

The best part of these minions is that they aren’t only for kids. Just like the movies they are fun for the whole family and make fun gifts for collectors. For added fun with your minions, also check out Thinkway Toys’ Despicable Me 2 Fart Gun Blaster, which makes all different kinds of fart sounds by pulling the trigger. I dare you not to laugh while you play pranks on parents, friends, and family.

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