AppSongs have a way of entertaining kids and grabbing their attention instantly. No wonder singing nursery rhymes, math tables, and letters proves to be a great way to teach kids, while entertaining them at the same time. Talking ABC, from Hey Clay, is an educational app designed to teach kids the alphabet through fun and memorable songs, sounds, and animation.

Talking ABC is designed for kids ages 2 to 7. The app is an interactive way for kids to learn the English alphabet through six games and a cheerful Alphabet Song. (There are also versions of the app that introduce the alphabet in languages such as German and French.) Talking ABC also features 26 entertaining claymation animal characters. Each animal has a talking mode that teaches kids its name, how to spell its name, how letters and animals sound, and how to pronounce different words.

“The Alphabet Song”—“A, A, A Aligator / B, B, B Bear / C, C, C Cow…”—is a melody that demonstrates how each alphabet sounds individually, how to write the letter, and how to pronounce it. The song proceeds slowly, so that each word and syllable registers clearly to kids. The animation begins with a ball of clay that assumes the shape of the letter A. Soon after, it transforms into an alligator. The alligator swings its tail and then transitions to the next letter B.

Talking ABC allows kids to play six interactive games: Letters, Animals, Funny Words, Puzzle, Memo, and Who is it. Kids can choose the difficulty level of the game from easy, normal, or hard, and also change the voice setting of the app from letters to sounds or vice versa. Each time kids win during a game, a ball of clay coverts to the animal or letter that kids chose and cheers them on. If they get the animal or a letter wrong, all they get is a lump of clay.

The Letters game instructs kids to choose a particular letter from a variety of letters, challenging them to sharpen their letter identification skills. Animals allows kids to identify a particular animal from a lineup of many, while Funny Words lets kids to practice spelling different words and watch them convert to animals. In Puzzle, kids can construct an image of an animal from a mix of images. Memo challenges kids to find the right pair of animals and hone their memory skills. Who Is It is a game where a jumble of letters must be put in the right order to make sense.

All in all, Talking ABC strengthens the memory, association skills, vocabulary, language, and artistic skills of kids. The app is suited to a broad age group that ranges from preschoolers to kids in elementary school, allowing kids to explore its many features as they grow older. But, most importantly, the app creates an environment of love, care, fun, and play that makes learning an effortless and efficient process.