VTech.SmartShotsSportsCenterMany parents welcome the day that their son or daughter dons a sports jersey and scores their first goal in soccer or hits a line drive in T-Ball. Sports are a great way to get kids up and active, and now kids can harness their inner athlete as early as age 1 with VTech’s Smart Shots Sports Center.

This two-in-one toy delights budding basketball and soccer players alike, giving kids a net to shoot the soccer ball into and a hoop for scoring baskets. Parents can cheer on their toddler as the electronic LED screen counts the number of baskets made and the sports center responds to scored goals with encouraging sounds and phrases—making kids feel like superstars.

VTechSmarShotsSportsCenterWhile this toy helps build and develop kids’ fine and gross motor skills, there’s still more to learn with features that teach kids about shapes and numbers. Kids can turn the gears to hear a variety of playful sounds and songs that they can sing along to, or press a button to play a counting game.

The Smart Shots Sports Center is big (and fun!) enough to entice kids up to age 3, but compact enough to be played with in the living room or in a child’s playroom. Equipped with both a basketball and a soccer ball, kids will learn the basics of both sports, and will gain tons of confidence in their athletic abilities along the way!