DroneDrones represent one of the latest tech trends, and who hasn’t seen those really cool videos that they are able to take, usually something along the lines of a beautiful tropical beach or city with amazing views? Good news, because now your kids can do the same with the Sky Viper Camera Drone from Skyrocket Toys, a high-tech, hobby grade, four-blade R/C copter.

Drones are remote controlled flying machines that can take photos and videos while in flight. With the Sky Viper Camera Drone (which doesn’t really look too far off from “real life” drones), kids ages 12 and up can do just that. This R/C quadcopter takes photos and—more impressively—amazing high-quality video from up to 100 feet in the air. It is also one of the sturdiest R/C quadcopters I have tested, and is extremely light considering all it can do.

The product comes with the remote control, four replacement blades (let’s face it: we all crash), a rechargeable battery, and a screwdriver and screws to secure aforementioned replacement blades. Assembly for the Sky Viper Camera Drone is super easy: all you need to do is place the battery securely into the chassis and snap the body over the quadcopter.

Flying the drone is just like any other standard R/C Quadcopter (but a little more satisfying, since it is a drone, after all). It’s a lot of fun, and unless you’re a pro off the bat, it takes a little bit of practicing. The remote control lets you adjust the flight sensitivity to beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Once you’ve mastered the initial basics of flying and changing directions, then you can start practicing awesome stunts like forward and backward flips. The one-touch stunt capabilities make it really easy to learn. The instructions manual also comes with a lot of really useful tips for optimal flight.

The videos that the drone can take in normal flight, let alone when it’s doing flips and spins in the air, are truly unbelievable. While the drone is in the air, it can take a photo or video with a click of a button on the remote control. The camera records up to half an hour of video at 30 frames per second with 180 degree adjustable viewing.

The Sky Viper Camera Drone is hands down one of the best gift idea for teens and is probably going to be one of the top toys on a tech enthusiast’s list.

The Sky Viper Camera Drone from Skyrocket Toys was selected as a Top Tech 12 toy for the holiday season in the Toy Insider’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, featured in the November issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Check it out here!