Kids can pull, swing, and fling this football-shaped Power Swing more than 350 feet thanks to a unique “hyper spin” design. Generate maximum velocity with the rollback plastic string and defy new challenges such as… read more

Motor Skills
Social Interaction


In this cooperative game, one player—known as the operator—is trapped in a virtual room trying to hack into a government hard drive. The other players—the experts—must decipher information to give the correct hacking instructions to… read more

Motor Skills
Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness

Defuse or Lose in Cut the Wire

The stakes may seem high, but players must defuse or lose in YULU‘s latest game. The suspense seems pretty fair though, since the whole point of Cut the Wire is to compete against your friends to… read more

The Suspense Is Real with Watermelon Smash

In Watermelon Smash, it’s smash or be splashed. YULU’s newest party game is made of luck, high stakes roulette, and lots and lots of water! This game couldn’t come at a more perfect time because… read more

Top Travel Toys on ABC World News Now

Summer is officially here, and that means it’s time for fun family road trips! Toy Insider Senior Editor Ali Mierzejewski stopped by ABC WNN to show off the best toys to take with you on… read more

Show Off Your Spy Skills with Operation: Escape

  Escape rooms are all the rage, right? YULU Toys‘ Operation: Escape game brings all the fun of an escape room experience to your home, with an exciting spy twist. This game combines strategy, skill,… read more