Top Toy Trend: Pet-A-Palooza

Every kid wants a pet, and now they can have one of their own, with some, but not ALL of the responsibility. Kids will love to play with and nurture their very own furry friends… read more

Top Toy Trend: Gettin’ Gross

Poop and farts and burps, oh my! This year, kids will have a blast with toys that stink—literally. There’s pimple popping, snot slurping, and toilet plunging, and we’re just getting started! These super silly toys,… read more

Untamed by Fingerlings Combine Fierce, Fun, and AR

Untamed by Fingerlings have been unleashed, and they need to be tamed! This line of interactive toys from WowWee combines the fun of Fingerlings with the fierceness of dinosaurs and other fearsome creatures. Made for kids ages 5 and… read more

AR and VR Bring a New Reality to Play

Once upon a time, toys coming to life was just a Disney•Pixar fantasy, but with apps like the new Untamed ARena and the newly announced My Smooshy Mushy,  kids can interact with virtual versions of their… read more


Featuring a light-up horn and arms and legs with iridescent sparkles, these unicorns respond to noise, motion, and touch, and let kids know how they’re feeling with blinking eyes and head turns. Kids can rock… read more

Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence


These electronic pets respond to noise, motion, and touch in comical ways. The pandas can blink, blow kisses, and talk in singsong. Kids can rock them to sleep or startle them with a loud noise.

Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence


This party game features more than 50 scents on specially treated cards that players brush and sniff. Guess the scent correctly or face the Whiff-of-Shame with one of four Stank Cards, including Diaper Blowout and… read more

Social Interaction
Emotional and Social Intelligence


These finger-gripping, interactive creatures are fierce and unpredictable. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, each features more than 40 sounds and animations. Choose from T. rex, Skeleton T. rex, Raptors, and a Cage play… read more

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