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These Robopups Will Help Kids Forget They Want a Puppy IRL

Last year, CHiP rolled his way right into our hearts. And now, a CHiP Jr. is upon us! Or, as WowWee likes to call these cuties, Chippies. Be still, my beating heart. The new line… read more

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Fingerlings Are Monkey Friends You Wear On Your Fingers

Rings are cute, but monkeys are cuter. Enter Fingerlings, by WowWee, a wearable and adorable baby monkey companion created just for kids’ fingers. These tiny tech monkeys are meant to be worn on the finger… read more

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Digiloom Lets Kids Weave Their Own Custom Designs

The traditional fabric-weaving loom just had an extreme makeover. It’s now instant, part digital, and extremely customizable. Introducing the Digiloom, by WowWee, an app-controlled weaving machine. While weaving typically requires patience and precision, the Digiloom… read more

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Bend, Stack, Build, and Connect with Magnaflex

A new type of building toy is really attracting our attention. WowWee’s Magnaflex creative construction kits feature colorful magnetic strips that are flexible, bendable, stackable, and connectible. Kids can create any 2-D or 3-D structures… read more

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