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Grow Your Virtual Pet Fam with the New Tamagotchi On

Tama, tama, tama, tama, rockin’ everywhere.

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Bring Your Blumaroo Back to Life with a Neopets Revamp

Mystery Island is the first land to make the mobile-friendly switch with more updates OTW!

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These ‘Melbits’ Virtual Pets Make Egg-cellent Friends

These precious creatures from Melbot Studios are ready to hatch from your device to play in the real world!

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Try to Keep This New Pac-Man Tamagotchi Alive

Why did no one think of this ‘80s-meets-‘90s collaboration sooner?

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Tamagotchis Get a Glow-up with Tamagotchi On

Get married and have Tamagotchi babies with this new take on the classic virtual pet.

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