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Follow These Tips to Stay Warm on Day Trips

Day trips can be a challenge in winter months. What should I wear? What should I bring?
Here are ideas for staying warm on day trips.

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Activities and Ideas for School Vacation Week

School vacation week can, let’s face it, be a dreadful time for parents and kids alike. When school vacation is also in the cold, dark winter, kids can be bouncing off the walls. As parents,… read more

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I Just Took a Two-Week Family Vacation and Lived To Tell the Tale

Earlier this year, I looked at the Year-at-a-Glance calendar on my wall and stared in horror at the amount of business trips I would take in 2015. While I don’t mind business travel at all, I have… read more

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Customizable Flip Flops Hot for Holiday Travel

Lollz Flip Flops, from Wavewearco., allow you to customize your footwear with super-easy snap-on/snap-off Lollz accessories, which include bows, flowers, buttons, etc. The company even encourages its customers to design their own Lollz for a… read more

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