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Disney Princess Fans Will Be Popping with Excitement Over The Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

    Lena is obsessed with Disney Princesses. This is a pretty common phenomenon in 4-year-old girls, so Hasbro’s offering of a Disney Princess Castle Game—one that involves a board with a pop-up castle, no… read more

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Lena, The Toy Insider Kid, Shows Off Just Pretend Kids’ Costumes

Lena, The Toy Insider Kid, loves to play dress up. She is interested in anything beautiful, and is quite partial to wearing wings. Just Pretend Kids‘ Dress Up Collection has a wide range of shiny, sparkly,… read more

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Maisto’s Sonic Thunder Offers Zoom-Around Fun

Lena and her buddy Nico had a blast with Maisto Tech‘s Sonic Thunder. There are five different realistic sound effects that can be heard when the trigger is pulled. The sounds of the planes zooming… read more

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Putting a New Spin on a Classic Play Pattern with Magic Fun Dough

I loved playing with mold-able, colorful dough as a child, and still do (how could you not?), and while my job as a toy industry journalist makes it socially acceptable for me to continue to… read more

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The Toy Insider Kid Reviews Disney Princess Palace Pets

Lena, The Toy Insider Kid, is a huge Disney Princess fan, and has been dying to get her hands on the new Palace Pets, from Blip Toys. She has been playing the free Palace Pets… read more

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Meet Lena, the Toy Insider Kid!

Meet Lena, the Toy Insider Kid! Lena is the daughter of Toy Insider Editor Jackie Breyer. She is 4 years old, and loves everything from princesses to bug collecting. Lena will be reviewing toys for… read more

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