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Brightlings Are Plush BFFs with a Touch of Tech

Nowadays, it’s hard to walk into a toy store without marveling at the fact that half the toys in that store are smarter than you. With R/Cs, drones, tablets, and smartwatches that defy all odds,… read more

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Autism Toy Pick: FlipaZoo Plush

My Autism Pick from The Toy Insider’s May Toy Reviews is the FlipaZoo plush by Jay at Play. The reason I give it my accolades is that it is two toys in one, with a flippable… read more

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Double the Animal Fun with FlipaZoo

Life is all about tough choices, and choosing just one toy in the toy store is easily the hardest thing in the world for most kids. But Jay at Play is making things a little… read more

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Lyla Tov Monsters Are Snuggly, Not Scary, Bedtime Companions

Bedtime can be a scary time for young children, due to those proverbial monsters under the bed. Luckily, there’s Lyla Tov Monsters, which soothe and reassure little ones, thanks to their bright colors and unique… read more

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Glow Doodle Bear Lights Up Play Time

Just Play’s Glow Doodle Bear is an activity and soft plush toy in one. Doodle Bear is not a totally new toy—this is a play pattern that kids have enjoyed for years: doodle, wash, doodle… read more

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Just Play Has a Surprise

Puppy Surprise, from Just Play, is a classic toy that keeps kids guessing how many puppies are inside until they open up the box. Popcorn & Her Pups come packaged in a cute box that… read more

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