Brownie Match Provides Fudgy Fun

Game night just got a little bit sweeter. Brownie Match, from Educational Insights, is a fudge-filled memory game for two to four players ages 4 and up. Setup is a snap: Kids scatter all of… read more

Ring in a Win with Quick Cups

If you’ve ever seen the sport of speed stacking, you know that it requires bursts of quickness and hand-eye coordination that’s worth bragging about. I’m no speed stacker, but I’d be willing to learn just… read more

Who Dunnit’ With Doctor Who Clue

The ninth season of Doctor Who premiered last weekend, and to celebrate the Doctor finally returning to my TV screen, I figured he could also make his debut in another aspect of my life: game night. Doctor Who… read more

Dohdles! Game Perfects Imperfection

In Dohdles!, from Thames & Kosmos, the key is not getting things perfect to begin with. In this game that combines arts and crafts, guessing, and even a little bit of target practice, three to… read more

Chrono Bomb: Mission Accepted

Welcome, Spy. Here’s your mission: Cross through the laser field and defuse the bomb before time runs out. If you complete your goal, you’ll be a hero. But if you don’t, you can restart the… read more

Lay It or Break It Is a Most Egg-celent Time

Some games lean heavily on design, while others offer a unique and imaginative play pattern. Then there are games such as Lay It or Break It, from Fotorama USA, which does both. It requires players… read more

Cup-a-Cup Leaves Victory Cup for Grabs

R&R Games is taking the board—and bored—out of games this year. Cup-a-Cup, a brand new tactile game, challenges two to eight players to think quickly and act fast. The game includes nine plastic cups, each… read more

Crazy Cereal: The Most Important Meal of the Day

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now it finally makes sense with Crazy Cereal, from Educational Insights. This adorable new electronic game for kids ages 4 and up serves up surprises as… read more