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Kosmos Takes Puzzle Games to a Whole New Dimension

German company Kosmos proves that not all puzzle games have to be relatively flat with its addicting, yet challenging, game Dimension. Dimension is a fast-paced puzzle game that is extra cool because it takes place… read more

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Fun with Kids: STEM and Tech

The fabulous Toy Insider Mom and Woman’s Day‘s Taryn Mohrman showed off the hottest STEM and tech toys in the latest Fun with Kids video. These educational toys bring what kids learn in their core curriculums to playtime, and even… read more

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Gyrobot Is the Perfect Balance of Fun and Learning

Ever wonder exactly how your iPhone can recognize when it’s orientation is changed? Or just how does the Wii Motion Plus detect your movements so flawlessly? While there is a whole lot of science behind… read more

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Bubble Blower

Kids can build a machine that automatically blows a stream of soap bubbles in different sizes, and learn how electric motors and fans work and why soap solution forms bubbles when air is blown through… read more

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Thames & Kosmos Brings Sci-Fi to Reality

Hovercrafts, once a thing of sci-fi and fantasy, are now a reality. Thames & Kosmos offers kids the opportunity to build their own working hovercraft that glides across smooth floors or flat water on a… read more

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