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The Squishmallows Food Squad Will Satisfy Your ‘Mallow Cravings

From cupcake connoisseurs to French fry fanatics, there’s a member of the Squishmallows Food Squad for everyone!

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Break the Speed Limit at Home with the HEXMODS Pro Series Elite Raceway

Customize your own R/C car and race to the finish!

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Swimways’ Spring Float Recliner Makes for Soothing Summer Fun

Dive into this lax lounger and let your worries drift away.

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Add a Pop of Fun to Family Game Night with Pop Under Pressure

Your answers better be poppin’ in this fast-paced game!

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Think You Got Game? Share Your Ideas in Google Play’s Change the Game Design Challenge

No expert skills needed — just vision and passion.

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Be the Coolest Kid in School with Trapper Keeper Game

If you’ve ever wanted to go back to the age of scantron tests, give Big G Creative’s Trapper Keeper Game a try! 

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Fashion Angels Teaches Girls to Become She-E-Os

The It’s My Biz line of activity products, from Fashion Angels, is intended to build tween girls’ confidence and inspire them to consider careers in business and entrepreneurship. The line is based off of the… read more

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Games Always Make Great Gifts

Our first games with our children are simple, peek a boo, hide and seek…the stepping stones to fun interaction.

Games are made for our youngest non readers…all the way to games that our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents will still enjoy. Classic games live on, inventing themselves in new ways to play.

But why do I love games?

Well part of the reason is that every time a game is played, it’s new, another part of the reason is because they are always at an easy price point- which always makes them great gifts. But the biggest part of why I love games, is that games bring families and generations together.

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