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Finding New Life for Old Toys

Have a lot of old toys you don’t know what to do with? Repurpose them!

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Timey Wimey Stuff Gets Cuddly with Doctor Who Build-A-Bear Collab

The collection includes a Dalek plush!

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Screen Time Gets Cute with Cuddle Case

Tablets have never been more huggable! Cuddle Case, an accessory for your iPad or Galaxy Tab, helps make tablets more fun and safe for kids ages 3 and up. The plush exterior, available in bright… read more

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Lexa Bear Is A Talking Teddy Bear Digital Assistant

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: through Dec. 7, 2017 Creator: Wetwire Robotics Think of Amazon’s Alexa, but bear-y cute, furry, and marketed towards kids. This digital assistant is actually a teddy bear, and soon-to-be your child’s new BFF.… read more

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This 15-inch animated teddy will have little ones counting sheep in no time! It plays soothing sounds for five minutes before shutting off automatically while a cute plush sheep glows softly from within. Teddy’s mouth… read more

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