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Twist and Squish with Mash’Ems from Basic Fun

The collectible craze continues. Ideal for kids ages 5 and up, Mash’Ems are squishy collectibles that let young ones enjoy their favorite characters in a whole new way. If you’re a kid, there’s a Mash’Ems… read more

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Soft Lites

✋Raise your hand ✋if getting your kids to sleep seems like an impossible feat certain days. Some kids just don’t want to go to bed, firmly stating that they are not tired, they “forgot” how to… read more

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Best of Toy Fair 2017: Collectibles

Little is still big this year. Collectibles are everywhere, and while they were a major trend in 2016, this year may just outdo the last. The Toy Insider team and I came across hundreds of… read more

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Get Kids’ Creative Juices Flowing with Crafts and Activities

Kids are easily distracted, especially when it comes to technology. If it seems like everywhere you look babies are holding tablets, pre-teens are texting, and teens are Snapchatting, you’re not alone. A heavy focus on… read more

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ImagiPen Lets Kids Draw in 3-D

  When I was a kid, 3-D art pieces were limited to Perler Beads creations. I would spend hours filling peg boards filled with multi-colored beads and begging my mom to break out the iron to make them… read more

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Surprise Big Kids with These Awesome High Tech Toys

Finding the perfect gifts certainly doesn’t get any easier as your kids grow up, and it’ll take more than a simple teddy bear to bring a light to your big kids’ eyes this holiday season!… read more

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