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Combine Checkers, Chess, and Tic-Tac-Toe with Gridopolis

Play in 3D with Gridopolis, the build-and-play strategy game with a board that evolves mid-game.

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Oink and Moo with the Chickapig Game

Chickapig is a highly social strategy game involving offense, defense — and avoiding poop.

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Autism Pick — Kanoodle Gravity

Kanoodle Gravity is a great travel strategy game that is also perfect for patterning and sequencing skills.

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Rule Ancient Egypt with Imhotep

The real Imhotep was a powerful mastermind behind many Egyptian structures that we know and recognize today—and now, Thames & Kosmos is channeling his eye for strategy, advancement, and design in its new game with the same title. Imhotep… read more

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CrossWays Is an Original Strategy Game

It sounds easy enough to place markers on a board get from one side of the board to the other, right? Wrong. CrossWays from USAopoly is a fresh and exciting board game that combines playing… read more

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