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Why ORB Odditeez Are Impossible To Put Down

While Borax is still selling out in stores, parents don’t necessarily love slime the way kids do. But with ORB Odditeez, kids can enjoy the slimy sensation they crave contained in a gooey, transparent ball—… read more

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Cakepop Cuties Families Are Full of Squishy Fun

The adorable multi-packs feature super-sweet doggy and kitty squishies.

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Fish Feud is a Fun Frenzy

Fish Feud, from Buffalo Games, is the fastest, fishiest, squishiest fish-feeding face-off ever to make it on dry land. Its bright, colorful, and interesting-looking characters came out of the ocean to play with kids ages… read more

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Make Squishy DIY Stress-Ball Balloons with Squoosh-O’s

Living the kid life is hard, especially over summer break. All that staying up late and playing in the sun can really wear one down, and deciding what flavor ice pop to slurp on or… read more

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Soft’n Slo Squishies Peel 2 Reveal Combines Squishies, Surprises, and Playsets

New from ORB, Soft’n Slo Squishies Peel 2 Reveal is a squishy surprise that kids can uncover one layer at a time. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, each Peel 2 Reveal box contains… read more

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Twist and Squish with Mash’Ems from Basic Fun

The collectible craze continues. Ideal for kids ages 5 and up, Mash’Ems are squishy collectibles that let young ones enjoy their favorite characters in a whole new way. If you’re a kid, there’s a Mash’Ems… read more

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