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Build to Battle with New Snap Ships Fusion Build Drone Sets

The war between the Komplex and the Forge continues.

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Blast Off with the Lego City Mars Research Shuttle

Reach for the stars with this space-inspired Lego set.

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Blast off with the LEGO Ideas International Space Station

Older builders ages 16 and up can assemble the LEGO Ideas International Space Station (ISS), an 864-piece replica of the station that’s been circling the Earth since 1998.

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Reach for the Stars with Playmobil’s Mars Space Station Play Set

Houston, prepare for liftoff! With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing passing earlier this year, space exploration is on everyone’s minds. Not only does the anniversary offer the perfect entry point into… read more

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Luciana Vega Wants to Be the First Person to Go to Mars

At just 11 years old, Luciana Vega has big dreams. Not only does she want to be an astronaut, but she also wants to be the first person to go to Mars ever. She’s passionate… read more

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